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While you can still buy pop up sprinklers, you now have another choice – to invest in a new, efficient and easy to use technology called “Sub Surface Drip Irrigation”.


Sub surface drip irrigation for instant lawns

Early autumn is a good time to sow lawn seed, but don’t be in a hurry. Your results will be much better if you take the opportunity to improve the soil first.

Autumn lawn care

There is a very strong belief in South Australia that lawns cut low need less mowing and still retain their colour and density. Lawn research has shown that this is wrong.

Don't lower the mower


Removing weeds from the lawn grass is quite easy, providing you identify both the type of weeds you have and the kind of lawn you are growing.

Weedy lawns


Winter can be a bit tough for your summer active lawn. But it’s not all bad news, especially if you prepare for the inevitable.

Getting summer active lawns through winter


Practical, expert advice

Paul Munns Instant Lawn

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It is very easy to over-stimulate lawn grass by watering and fertilising too often.

Watering - are you applying too much?

lawnwaterlawn watering

When it comes to buying fertiliser for the garden, there is a very wide choice and selecting the best one can be confusing.

Lawn fertilisers - which one is best?

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